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Hermit Crabs Love MM!

Updated: Mar 11

hermit crab asking for help

Hermit crabs are now being spotted in the wild wearing plastic rubbish as their protective shell, as humans continue to use single-use plastic bottles and carelessly discarding them, a new era has dawned where animals are beginning to reuse our waste for their benefit.

Whether or not these plastics cause any biological harm to the crab is unknown,

But visually it does not look very natural to see moving pieces of human rubbish on the beach or on the ocean floor.

While these crabs may be resourceful by utilizing plastic caps as their shell, something must be done to reduce the excessive volume of plastic within the marine environment as it ultimately cycles back into our chain of food supply, ending up on our dinner plates.

As plastics continue to be an ongoing problem in the world, MM is doing its part in reducing the sheer amount of plastic being released into the wild, by completely eradicating plastics in our #AlternativeLeather materials.

Saving the world mm by MM. #Earthday

a hermit crab loves MM Limited

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