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We are the industry leading high-performing, plastic-free, and biodegradable leather alternative, and we are on the mission to redefine sustainable luxury.

A vibrant image of lush leaves in the background, symbolizing the natural and eco-friendly aspect
A vibrant image of lush leaves in the background, symbolizing the natural and eco-friendly aspect
Cotton used for alternative leather material

Tradition meets green technology.

Our story began when our two founders, building on top of 30+ years of experience from the traditional leather industry, were able to discover a superior material to leather made purely from natural fibres and infused it with traditional leather craftsmanship resulting in a startling marriage between sustainability and luxury.


In a world that's rapidly trying to wrap its head around sustainability, MM believes the drive to save our planet need not forego a little bit of opulence and mankind's unquenching pursuit of luxury.

An image displaying the base material used in the production of the alternative vegan leather.
Cosmetics Pouch made from alternative leather

A groundbreaking material designed to take lead in the sustainable luxury revolution.

It is crafted exclusively from responsibly sourced natural fibres, FSC paper and BCI cotton, and manufactured using proprietary low environmental impact processes. As a result, it retains the best qualities of real leather with none of its horrendous chemical impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. 


What’s best is when MM reaches the end of its long lifetime, the material’s biodegradability is one of the highest in the industry, allowing it to decompose in landfill conditions leaving nothing behind in no time - quite magical if you ask us. 

Why MM?

MM is the craftman's dream.

Besides its leather-like and sustainable properties, MM’s customizability is something we are proud of. For one, it is among the thinnest alternatives leathers in the industry at 0.3mm allowing craftsmen to shape their products free of traditional limitations. 

MM has the expertise to transform it.

We transform #AlternativeLeather into bespoke crafts, aligning the values between eco-conscious consumers and well-known brands, elevating the voice of sustainability for brands to grow.

Luxury without the impacts.

Join MM in making it possible for a new class of luxury goods to exist, putting an end to the cruel practice of animal leather harvesting, and cutting the luxury industry’s environmental impact.

Leather Working Tools
Leather goods and tree
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