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MM RELAUNCHED - Redefining Sustainable Luxury by Embracing Alternative Leather

Updated: Jan 24

Welcome to the relaunched MM Limited website where sustainable luxury meets innovation. Join us on a transformative journey as we introduce MM Limited, a brand that challenges the norms of the leather industry and offers a bespoke, sustainable alternative.

This image represents the natural and sustainable essence of the alternative vegan leather made from cotton


Our story began with a bold idea: to create a material that combines the elegance of leather with a deep commitment to sustainability. Boasting extensive experience working with leather materials, our co-founders understood the beauty of leather craft goods was coupled with hidden costs - particularly its toll on the environment.

From the onset, raising livestock requires vast amounts of land, water, and feed, leading to deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. The subsequent tanning process involves the use of toxic chemicals, including chromium, which not only endanger human health but also harm the environment.

Fortunately, they found an alternative in the form of MM. A material made from a blend of paper and cotton that magically performs like leather, and comes with a range of likable qualities like an international biodegradable standard of ISO 14855-1.

What’s more, MM is a perfect blend of modern and traditional manufacturing, employing advanced green material science to create the base layer but employing traditional leather tanning techniques in its finish – involving both old and new industry into the end-product.

"A perfect blend of modern and traditional manufacturing"


MM is a material superior to leather meant to shock, shakeup, even delight the luxury industry. Superior in many ways to traditional leather, it requires less energy, eliminates the need for toxic chemicals in its production, and being completely plastic-free it is biodegradable in landfill conditions.

"Completely plastic-free"

Moreover, its simple material composition opens up possibilities in upcycling and reducing waste. All that, while still retaining the things we love about leather: the smell, the texture, and its irresistibly look of wear over time that makes each leather product stand out. MM's groundbreaking features will rock this new era of sustainable luxury.


In pursuit of this concept, sustainable luxury, we have collaborate with like-minded designers to create collections that celebrate innovation, individuality, and the power of conscious fashion. As we have repeated frequently, sustainable luxury is not about the final product—it's about influencing an entirely new life trend.

"Sustainable luxury is not about the final product—it's about influencing an entirely new life trend."

We are proud that on our new website you can explore our concept of sustainable luxury. See our new Product Catalogue and witness the elegance, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness that define MM products. From handbags to accessories, each item reflects our commitment to sustainability without compromising on style or quality. Or if you like what you see, start off on the Base Materials Catalogue and partner with us to customize your chosen piece to make it truly unique and a reflection of your personality.

Forward-thinking brands and designers are recognizing the imperative to change, responding to the growing demands for transparency and sustainability. They are embracing alternative materials and exploring regenerative practices that harmonize with nature, seeking to minimize their ecological footprint while maximizing their positive impact. Thanks to them, we have great hopes that our groundbreaking material will catch on.

"Forward-thinking brands and designers are recognizing the imperative to change, responding to the growing demands for transparency and sustainability"

Join us on this transformative journey - let MM redefine your perception of luxury. Together, we can shape a future where elegance and sustainability coexist, creating a positive impact on our planet and the fashion industry.

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